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Constantly evolving

We founded Muskthrust on the enthusiasm for continuous growth. As humans, thanks to our minds and imagination, we have the possibility to make the impossible possible. Our focus is not so much on creating a perfect result, but rather on creating an environment that encourages criticism, allows mistakes to be made and provides room for change.

Pushing the boundaries of possibility

It is our conviction that the only constant of our actions is our striving to test the limits of what is considered possible. Great inventions are created at any time when people come together and question the limitations of their environment. We want to create this environment. Not only for our product, but for all the great ideas that our employees still have about it.

A commitment to the environment

We live in close interaction with the nature around us. That is why we have set ourselves the goal of actively participating in its preservation. For this reason, all our products are based as far as possible on the use of recycled and renewable raw materials and the establishment of our own processes for the use and enhancement of waste products. In all these areas it is our aim not only to exploit the current possibilities, but to work actively towards their further development.


Idea and team building

Shared visions and the deepening of our ideas inspired us to join together as a team to realize this.
December 2019
5. May 2020

Founding of the company

The official start of MUSKthrust as a company

Completion of small prototype

Completion of a small prototype. The first test flight with a proto type in 1:5 scale. An instructive flight, which brings us a big step forward in our development.

15. June 2020
10. March 2021

Completion of first prototype

We have finished it, the first 1:1 prototype! We will directly subject it to an internal test flight. The team, which has grown considerably in the meanwhile, is
also looking forward to the flight with big excitement.

First official flight event

To let other interested people participate in our project, there will be a first public flight of our prototype. All this will be part of our first own event, the invited guests can convince themselves of our vision and get to know the team behind all the ideas and developments.
15. April 2021
15. April 2023

Final prototype test flight

The exposure of our final prototype is imminent. We invite you to a big and
exciting event. Together we can look into the future and be inspired!

Delivery to the first customers

Let's go! The first commercially available ONE's leave the production and can conquer the world. But we are far from having reached the end of our vision, be surprised what's coming.

December 2023
15. April 2024

Presentation of the cargo ONE

At our annual flight event we will present the Cargo ONE which is designed for heavy duty transportation. We will also present a fully automated loading and unloading system.

The Master Plan

After successfully launching ONE and introducing Cargo ONE as well as their respective add-ons, we will present our four-seater version of ONE.

15. April 2025