Muskthrust One

Every journey begins with a first step. We are excited to reveal our first commercially viable product. Top in price, performance, and design.

Muskthrust ONE Muskthrust ONE Frame
0 km

Up to 450 km of flight range on a full charge.

0 km/ h

With a speed of 300 km/h always in time.

0 min

250 km range in only 20 minutes of fast charging.

Muskthrust ONE Details

1. Propulsions system

Three thrusters with multiple engines to provide safety through redundancy. Rotating front engines for fast acceleration and excellent maneuverability.

2. AI-Generated Frame

The AI-generated frame is part of our futuristic flypod called ONE. This frame provides a Super Strong structure while being also extremely Lightweight. The Frame is a result of an aluminum 3D print.

3. Hightech Skin

The Skin of the ONE will be offered in three different material options. An organic fiber option which uses regrowable resources, a colored recycled plastic version, and a high-quality carbon fiber skin.

ONE Reservation

Muskthrust ONE Front

Muskthrust ONE Reservation.
The Reservation secures you a slot in our waiting list right behind the founder’s series and the preorders what makes you one of the early product owners.