From the very beginning, our focus was on creating a diverse team of passionate people. We believe that great things can only be created by great people in the right environment. It is important for us to select employees not only according to their degrees and certificates but according to their motivation, abilities, skills, and enthusiasm. 

Software Engineer

You will work in the area of software development for the activation and controller of the components and become part of the development of the vehicle interface. We are looking for people who know the following programming languages (important C, C++, C# and would be good Python, Ruby, Go, Shell, JavaScript)

Material Engineer

You will work in the field of car body development engineering and should have experience with plastic and carbon fiber materials. Your job will not only be to further develop the body, but also to select the materials and the optimal production technology.

Electrical Engineer (High Voltage)

As part of the engineering team, you will be active in the field of electrical engineering and will coordinate with the construction team. This includes a safe and redundant design of the high-voltage technology in the vehicle as well as the planning of all components in a module structure.

Engineer For Electronic Components

Planning the control electronics as well as the on-board electronics is the central task. Innovation as well as the use of unconventional solutions is in great demand. Close cooperation with the high-voltage team and the construction team is very important.

Robotics Engineer

You will work in the field of automation and be a key part in the development and construction of our production plant. As we are developing a new production process we expect free thinking and creativity in solving problems.

Production Engineer

Planning a cooperative production, warehouse logistics, and assembly is the core task. A high degree of automation is important and a good cooperation with the robotics team is essential to deliver good results.

VR Developer

You will work on presentation material but also on the user interfaces of our products. Creativity and independent work are required. You should have a few years of experience and have already created your own projects.

Mobile Software Engineer - React Native

You will work in the area of app development. We are looking for both Android and IOS developers. We expect at least 3 years of experience and a focus on security. Optimize code for performance, stability, and maintainability. You have to be able to work with a cross-functional team of many different engineers from many fields.

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