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Revolutionize Urban Mobility

To revolutionize urban mobility

The history of urban mobility is strongly intertwined with the development of housing. For centuries we have succeeded in being able to support a growing number of passengers via an increasing number of transportation solutions, thus enabling us to increase the density of our cities, ultimately setting the foundation for our modern society. We strongly believe that we, to achieve the next step in this evolution, need to move into the third dimension. To achieve this goal we set out not just to create something capable of flight, but rather to create a product that is capable of bringing a premium experience to the consumer market.

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To revolutionize Personal Aerial Vehicles (PAV)

It is our conviction that we can bring the freedom of personal air travel to the mass market. This goal was taken with the development of the first mass-produced car and has been pursued to this day in many ideas with varying degrees of success. However, none of these ideas have yet managed to achieve actual access to the mass market. For this reason, we are pursuing the goal of achieving not only further developments in our product but in every single step that comes before and after it.

Revolutionize Industry

To revolutionize Industry

The history of production is marked by several rapid upheavals that have fundamentally changed its face. Each of these upheavals has enabled humanity as a whole to advance into a new era of prosperity and freedom. It is now time for it to undergo fundamental change again. Our goal is to take 3D printing out of rapid prototyping and into mass production. This, in combination with a high degree of automation in production, enables us to achieve good cost efficiency in low production volumes. Also, our production can dynamically switch to new products and processes and incorporate modifications into existing products.